Brown Xtreme

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Veyesbeauty "Brown Xtreme" Cluster Lashes - Newbie's Five-Second Series

Even beginners can disguise themselves as lash masters with this series, rivaling the effects of professional lash salons

Featured on 3D layered crafts, which effortlessly add depth and dimension to your eyes. The rich honey brown lashes enhances offers a touch of warmth and elegance. Experience the Luxurious Flutter of our 3D Textured Lashes – Where Glamour Meets Comfort!

Key Selling Points

  • 1 Second to Grab, 5 Seconds to Apply, 5 Lengths for DIY Customization – A Must-Have for Beginners
  • The 3D positioning technology ensures consistent shape and curvature for each cluster of eyelashes in every shot
  • Create a Weightless and Imperceptible Lash Experience, Balancing Durability with a Lightweight feel, no noticeable presence, wear Comfortably for 7 days
  • Newbie Plus Practice Edition: LUXEBOLD Mega Lashes with 140 Clusters – Unlimited Volume, ‘Never’ Runs Out

Why Choose Veyesbeauty

  1. 3D Layered Dimension: Each lash is crafted with multiple layers, providing a dynamic and dimensional effect that adds depth and intensity to your gaze.

  2. Honey Brown Elegance: Infuse warmth and sophistication into your look with the luxurious brown color of these lashes. The rich hue complements a variety of eye colors and skin tones, creating a captivating allure that's perfect for any occasion.

  3. Feather-Light Comfort: The clusters are incredibly lightweight, allowing you to enjoy all-day comfort without compromising on style.

  4. 112pcs Pallet: This plus volume allows for endless possibilities, from subtle, everyday looks to bold and glamorous transformations. 

  5. Versatile Styling: Whether you prefer a natural daytime look or a dramatic evening statement, these lashes adapt effortlessly to your style. It can match with any of VEYESBEAUTY lash clusters as the ornament or highlights.