DIY Lash | Bottom Lash | 7D 20D Clusters | One More+™ Lashes

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Veyesbeauty DIY Lashes - One More+™ series

explore the magic of DIY lash extensions at home

All-in-one lash companion! Whether you're into subtle elegance or bold drama, the One More+ series is your go-to, truly living up to its name as the ultimate all-in-one lash companion. No matter what lash brand you're rocking, One More+ is the perfect partner for any makeup look and style.Whether you're using our brand's lashes or not, adding one more cluster from our One More+ can effortlessly enhance the beauty of your eye makeup.

Key Selling Points

  • Multi-functional Palette with 4 Styles, 4 Lengths – different styles perfect for top, bottom, and spike lashes
  • One tray, endless possibilities
  • Universal Lash Companion – All-in-one lash companion,fits all brands, all styles. Whether it's any brand or any makeup, you're just one cluster of One More+™ Lash Companion away from the perfect look. 
  • If you want to achieve a Wispy lash look, One More+™ is always your go-to choice!


  • Insta Volume Large Tray14 lines for 4 different types of DIY lash extensions
          2 Lines of Bottom Lashes
          4 Lines of Light Volume Fans
          4 Lines of 7D Spike Fans
          4 Lines of 20D Clusters
          5+6+10+12+14+16mm mixed-length eyelash clusters
          You can match different lengths and shapes to your liking. One box of individual lashes is enough.
  • Easy To Apply: Our DIY lashes have a super soft and wide stem and they can be applied easily. Depending on the shape and length of your eyes, 4-6 cluster lashes per eye are sufficient.
  • Bring Home the Lash Extension: In just 3-5 minutes you can get a pair of eyelash extensions that are comparable to salon extensions. Our DIY eyelashes can be used for 3 times under the proper care and cleaning. With the skill improves, you can DIY a pair of attractive eyes in less time.