"ALL-IN-ONE" Lash Kit

$39.99 USD
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Veyesbeauty ALL-IN-ONE Lash Kit - where innovation meets versatility, and beauty knows no bounds

Featuring a range of styles, including a unique bottom lash and 3 multi-style lash clusters, all united by a transparent band and a feather-light texture, with lengths ranging from 8mm to 18mm, all conveniently housed in one pallet.

Why Choose Veyesbeauty

  1. Complete Lash Wardrobe: Enjoy the fun of creativity and DIY with our "ALL-IN-ONE" Lash Kit, featuring 4 distinctive styles, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your look from day to night, or casual to glam.

  2. Time-saving Bottom Lash: Our Lash Kit goes beyond the ordinary with the inclusion of a specially designed bottom lash. Enhance your eye look with subtle definition and a touch of sophistication, perfect for achieving a well-balanced gaze.

  3. Transparent Band: Enjoy the seamless blend of our transparent bands, ensuring a natural appearance that seamlessly integrates with your lash line.

  4. Feathery Texture: Experience the unparalleled comfort of feathery-soft lashes. Our lashes are crafted for a lightweight feel, providing maximum comfort while achieving a lush, fluttery effect.

  5. 8-18mm Mix Length: With mix lengths ranging from 8mm to 18mm, providing you with the flexibility to create a customized, layered look that complements your unique style and eye shape.