5ml Cluster Lash Remover

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Eyelash Glue Remover for False Eyelashes Self-Use

  • DISSOLVE QUICKLY: Veyesbeauty lash glue remover for clusters are designed with a spiral brush head. The spiral brush head of eyelash glue remover for cluster eyelashes can penetrate deep into the root of the lashes and increase removal capacity. The oily ingredients in lash remover for lash cluster will quickly dissolve lash glue and other oils and stains.
  • EASY TO USE: Step 1, Apply the lash remover for cluster lashes on the base of the cluster lashes and wait for 30 seconds to dissolve the eyelash glue. Step 2, Brush the lashes with eyelash glue remover from top to bottom many times until the cluster lashes fall off. Step 3, Use a cotton pad to remove lash clusters or makeup residue,then rinse the eyes. (Repeat several times until no residue remains.)
  • SAFE FORMULA SAFE: Cluster lash remover is infused with Vitamin E mild formula, the ingredients are safe and non-irritating, no alcohol, no adverse effects on the eye skin. Lash remover for cluster lashes is suitable for all people including suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • DIY LASH EXTENSIONS AT HOME: False eyelash glue remover is designed to remove your DIY cluster eyelashes at home, so you can easily remove your false lashes without the costly trip to the salon. Come on, use different styles of lashes and lash bond & seal from Veyesbeauty Lashes to easily create salon-like lashes!