112 Pcs Cluster Kit With Mirror

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About this item

DIY Lash Extension Kit: Veyes Beauty DIY Lash Kit includes: 1tray of eyelash which means 112 pcs cluster lashes, one lash applicator, one lash remover and one cluster lash glue.All the steps in one kit.Try to diy your own lashes now!

Bring salon to your home: Veyes Beauty Lash clusters are easy to apply. Divided individual Lashes into sections, easy to pick up and apply by yourself. You can apply the eyelashes with different lengths and styles according to different occasion. Save money from doing eyelash extensions. You will become a master of DIY lash extensions with a little practice!

How to Use: Apply the mascara wand cluster lash glue to your natural lashes and wait about 30 seconds.Gently take lashes off the strip by grab them with the lash applicator . Then apply the cluster lashes underneath your natural eyelashes, away 2-3mm from your eyelid! Finally, if you want to remove lashes, you can use Veyes lash remover.

Comforatable & Reusable: Our brand eyelash clusters have super thin band and they are very lightweight. Comfortable to wear the whole day and whole night. Individual cluster lashes can be reused up to 5 times if they are nice cared.

Guarantee : We offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every customer! If you are not completely satisfied with our eyelashes extension, please contact us. We will refund you with no exception.