Fluffy+ Cluster Lash Kit

$37.99 USD
Inklusive moms. Levering beregnes ved betaling.

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Veyesbeauty Fluffy+ Cluster Lash Kit - Enjoying a seamless blend of comfort, versatility, and unparalleled beauty

Flyffy+ as one of the top sellers in VEYESBEAUTY 3D Layered Lash Collection, is designed with 3 unique styles, featuring 96 clusters in every pallet, with a transparent band and a mixture of curls, from 8mm to 18mm, all conveniently housed in one pallet.

Why Choose Veyesbeauty

  1. Dynamic 3D Layering: Each cluster is crafted with multi-dimensional layers, creating a captivating and textured effect that enhances the natural beauty of your eyes.

  2. Versatile Styles: 3 unique style in the Fluffy+ collection, satisfying all your lash desires, allowing you to effortlessly transition from one look to another.

  3. 96 Lash Clusters: Reusable lashes of high quality, no falling apart while picking up or removing with VEYES Lash Remover,  use up to 10 times+ with one lash pallet. 

  4. Transparent Band: Enjoy the seamless blend of our transparent bands, ensuring a natural appearance that seamlessly integrates with your lash line.

  5. 8-18mm Mix Length: With mix lengths ranging from 8mm to 18mm, providing you with the flexibility to create a customized, layered look that complements your unique style and eye shape.